Beware of Bulk Whatsapp Software Scammers!

You pay for what you need. Be careful with scammers who:

  • Offer you a very good price only when you buy in bulk(eg. 100K) and
  • When you buy them in small quantities, the price is usually very high.
  • The scam is to entice you to buy more at a lower rate.
  • Once they have received a lot of orders, they will close the company and run away with the big amount of money received.

Who should you trust? Local or non-local companies?

Preferably local companies. Always check the company’s background before you make any payment or buy anything from them. You can do so by:

  • Checking their company background and their supports personnel
  • Browse their website to learn more about their history, track record, etc.

Should you be concerned with credit expiry?

Yes. That is one of the most important factors you must consider before you buy any of these services. Make sure that:

  • Your credits should not have any expiry.
  • It’s not fair to you with only one year validity
  • Don’t accept a one-year validity. You could be too busy and the one-year period just ends without you realizing.

Do the numbers(sender ID) used to send the Whatsapp matter?

Definitely! Always go for a local number when you send bulk Whatsapp. This is useful in terms of:

  • Consumer confidence: Your target market is more confident when they receive a Whatsap from you through a local number.
  • Cautious of scams: If your number is unknown or international, customers can be doubtful and might feel it is a scam and will not deal with you.

What about the Desktop software?

Desktop software are truly scam as you need to get a lot of channels in order to use this software. The first step is to buy sims and then convert these hundreds of numbers to hash channels with another type of software. This hash converter software is normally per per year. You need some technical knowledge in converting these numbers to hash channels.

You must use these hash channels within the same day or you will risk your hash channels being blocked, all of them.
For sending, you must have IP rotation tools or you will have to manually reset your IP for every 20 messages sent. If your IP is not properly rotated, you will only be able to send less than 10 numbers per channel.

Skip all the above and you will be so glad you found us!

We are in this industry for more than 18 years! You will be given access to blast your campaign right-away.
What you get from our online broadcasting panel:

  • Account management – allows you to control your messages from your browser. No more IP and making channels, even bangla do not do this tedious job. Spend more time on customer service and let our system do the dirty jobs instead.
  • Campaign management – You can manage your bulk messages to be sent and received as well as who you are sending to. Scheduling is provided as well.