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We have been in this market for more than 20 years. Today, we are experts in Mobile app business marketing. Our key features:

  1. 100% Delivery to all your members
  2. Support image and even video!
  3. Generating of reports to clients
  4. Updates and support available through Skype and WhatsApp.
  5. No setup fee, no monthly fee.
  6. No Software or channels(sim card) to buy
  7. 100% Localized ID
  8. Long Text(up to 400 or more)
  9. Assist you in integrated advertising campaign on any combined platforms(eg. beautiful landing page for short term campaign)
  10. Gauge response from your recipients(Premium Package)

Why use Mobile App for your Mobile Marketing?

  • Platform independent – You can send it to all smartphone users on Android, iPhone and others
  • You can send image advertisement
  • Target Market Group feature
  • Save costs, forget about spending ten times more on other media
  • Identify when your message is being delivered
  • Quick delivery of your messages as compared to any other media
  • Endless possibilities when it comes to launching a promotional campaign
  • Identify groups of target audience based on their social media activities

We deliver more!

We provide free consultation for all your integrated marketing campaigns.

One thing for sure, when you use mobile marketing, you gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Whatsapp marketing for small businesses

If you are an owner of a small business, reaching your customers can be very challenging. This is most evident especially if you do not have the budget of the larger players. Because of this, you should be looking at highly-impactful tools which are cost-effective like Whatsapp. Apart from being cheaper than any other media, it has one of the largest user base in the world.

Building Customer Relationship

When you use Whatsapp, you are creating a direct link with your customers. This is one which can be quite personal because most of the Whatsapp users are known to use Whatsapp on a daily basis. They are connected to their friends, families and corporate partners in one way or another.

You can now use Whatsapp in many ways including providing customer support and service and for relationship building. One thing for sure, your customers will like to hear from you as long as you are not spamming their message inbox. Companies today use Whatsapp to send out the latest information about products and services. This is what companies like Amazon has done so successfully.

You can do so too. In fact, you should use Whatsapp to connect with your customers in terms of what they like about your products and what they would like to have in the future.

Advertising & Promotion

If you haven’t already know this, digital marketing is a big thing. Advertisers have constantly been searching for the best and most effective media to reach their respective target markets. Never before has there been any media that can give this type of accuracy at the cost.

Because of this, the concept of advertising and promotions using Whatsapp has become more apparent than ever. You can now send messages that are longer than 155 characters (like SMS) which can include a variety of media like audio files, V-cards, videos and such.

On top of that, direct marketing has become possible as you can interact with your recipients in real time and understanding what they are looking for after reading your ad.

Communication for employees

Whatsapp will soon replace emails. While you might be used to emails for internal communications, using Whatsapp will change this scenario in the near future. By using Whatsapp groups, you can now departmentalize your employees according to their sections or in teams.

As such, you can send out messages like meeting appointments, deadlines and other crucial information and get the response that you need immediately. Any changes or concerns will be voiced by the respective employee in the group.

Best mobile marketing tool for small and big businesses

A small business can be tricky especially in light of the ultra-competitive economy. As such, you will need to use the most cost-effective tools. After all, this app has been known to be more effective than any media ever existed when it comes to reaching a target market.

Internal Communication

Using mobile app for internal communication helps your small business to save cost and time. It would be the best tool to connect and keep your employees in the loop of things. In the past, emails were the de facto tool for all official communications. Now, you can use Whatsapp marketing because you can send out information faster and obtain replies more efficiently.

When you use a quick and easy mobile marketing tool, you can create groups in terms of departments or project groups. This then allows you to communicate with them especially when you need to reach them very quickly. You can send out changes in deadlines, reminders of deliverables and other information and gauge if they have read them.

DIY LIVE Online App Panel

Run your campaign from our propriety CRM panel with delivery report. No more guessing whether your campaign has being run or not. We provide long term business and let our system handle all your tedious task so that you can concentrate on servicing your clients.

Promotions and Marketing

Whatsapp is now one of the most used advertising and promotions medium. Unlike previous platforms like SMS or email, this mobile app allows you to send long messages that include multiple media like images and sound. And this is somewhat different with the likes of Facebook.

You can even send short videos where it has been found that about 80% of Whatsapp users will open and view. With this app, you can reach a large group of recipients at a fraction of the cost of an SMS and gauge responses in terms of whether they have opened and read your message or alternatively, you can allow your customers to send replies or feedback.

Deliver Video and Image with no extra cost!

Our Mobile App Marketing packages are being able to deliver Video or image together with Text/Caption!

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Customer Relationship

Using Whatsapp for Customer Relationship Management may sometimes sound very trivial but it is absolutely effective. When you use this mobile app, your customers become aware that you are using a recent tool which they can associate to.

This could be part of your multi-channel customer support strategy. They are connected to you in real time which means you can gauge responses. Besides being able to send out broadcast messages to a large group of people, you can get answers instantly which can help you to improve your service or products.

On the other hand, you can use mobile app to connect with your customers so that you can learn about what they like and what they don’t after users filtration. Companies are now using mobile apps to send out surveys, contests with auto-reply and pre-launch product reviews to their customers.

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