The recent technological boom and advances, particularly in the mobile applications and communications sector as well as the rapidly increasing popularity and utilisation of mobile app messaging has provided a whole new competitive environment not only among technology centric companies but also all across industries. This advent has created a new market in the telecommunications sector which saw the end of life for the pager which was once a very popular and indispensable communication device.

Cutting edge mobile blasting technology

It is in the current technology facilities that texting services are offered due to the infrastructure and the provision of such features in devices which have become a need and a de facto standard across Malaysia and Singapore. This was not previously available in the older generation of mobile devices and with the introduction of the mobile phone, it quickly replaced the pager as it is now easier to communicated, eliminating the additional effort needed to return a call as required in the old pager system.

In the earlier generation of messaging services, one would be limited by the 150-160 character system and while recent new broadcasting software has changed this totally. This was done because of the need of the customers which require more content rich messages to be sent and received that include the likes of audio, video and other media. With that in place, messages that allow a truncated 150 character space would no longer be viable and hence, customers today are able to send long messages when required.

Transactional Mobile Broadcasting Technology

Software manufacturers have been developing new cutting edge and state-of-the-art software for the SMS market and the likes of the MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) is just one of the many services which resulted from this advancement. The mobile market had recently entered its fourth generation after a successful era during the third where service providers had offered high speed data transfer and communications with richer multimedia content, much to the delight of its consumers around the world. Gone are the bulky and heavy first generation of mobile phones and sizes of such devices have since shrunk to be easily carried and kept.

Furthermore, mobile devices today are equipped with more computing power which means that they are more capable of running a wide range of new software and applications.

Mobile Technology at its peak

The mobile technology has since grown from merely messaging and communication into a powerful marketing tool and with the growing in usage and demand across the entire world, companies and organisations have been relentlessly working around deriving innovative ideas and campaigns (Singapore, Malaysia and internationally) to further leverage the benefits and power of this technology. Hence it is unsurprising that more software and tools that utilized the mobile platform was developed and emerged in the last few years.

Innovative marketing campaigns and events that include using mobile messaging for competitions, polling, voting, chat, text to win and text to TV have surfaced in recent years and provided companies with a new and lucrative channel of income.

Mobile Apps in our daily life

Mobile Apps have allowed operators to offer an extension to the conventional methods of marketing where they have now offered coupons, rewards and prizes to their customers who have been involved with their campaigns. On top of that, there has also been more introduction into such campaigns where companies and organisations have also provided direct marketing and the adoption of mobile receipts of which customers are able to redeem them at selected retail outlets in Malaysia and Singapore.

Today, the dependency on mobile apps by companies have reached a level whereby it has become indispensable for them because of its reach, accuracy and power. The livelihood of consumers have changed considerably much as mobile apps technology becomes more advanced and easily accessible.

WhatsApp for Business, a new tool for Singapose and Malaysia Marketers

Better controls for Business Administrators

The new Whatsapp for Business is designed to offer better control, especially for administrators. Besides that, they get more autonomous power as the administrator can block certain members from sending messages. In the past, administrators can be removed from a group although they created it. In the new feature, that is no longer possible.

For users

For the members and users of the group, they can now permanently leave the group. This means that they will not be added back after leaving the group. On top of that, the users can locate messages quickly when they are being mentioned in a conversation.

Other features

WhatsApp Business is currently being developed for the Android platform. The intention is to allow small businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their customers better. As the business, they can now use the tools to respond faster to their customers as it comes with an auto-reply function. It also comes with a business profile function where you can create this to give your customers all the information they need about you.
Another cool function is the label where you can use it to organize your contacts and chats.