With millions of users and billions of messages being sent every minute, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the top mobile app in the world today. Coupled by the fact that it was bought for billions of dollars by Facebook, it just propels this name into every smartphone user globally.

WhatsApp as platform for contest with chatbot function

The most common preconception is that WhatsApp is used for personal communication while it is very effectively used in group chats. However, did you know that WhatsApp can be used to run contests? If you are in this business, you will find that using WhatsApp would be your perfect option to run a contest.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for contests

When you use WhatsApp for your contest, the benefits can be many. This includes:

  1. Using the Autoresponder or Auto reply to customize your messages when you activate the auto-reply for the contest.
  2. In your contest, the respondents can choose to submit any file format which could be an image, a video, an audio file or a document
  3. In using WhatsApp, you have a ready catchment of respondents. With more than 500 million active accounts across the world, you can literally pick and choose where and who you want to target.
  4. The WhatsApp logo is perhaps one of the most recognized together with Apple and Facebook. When you use the WhatsApp logo in your promotional material, it has an automatic attraction among users. When they know they can use WhatsApp to join the contest, it becomes very easy for them.
  5. Stay ahead of competition when you use WhatsApp for your contest. In fact, you would most likely be among the first in the world to do this.
  6. You can use our WhatsApp campaign to obtain live reports and filter out any unwanted data. Our platform allows you to track all messages sent and received throughout your campaign. With these statistics, it helps you to determine if your contest was successful.

Call us today to run your WhatsApp contest

With the above benefits and advantages, are you read to take on the market with WhatsApp? Do you have a contest that you want to run on WhatsApp but don’t know how? Let us help you!

WhatsApp is your answer to the contest and we are your solution to getting it done successfully. Being among the first in the world in digital marketing, we have run countless campaigns on mobile and other digital platforms. We were among the first to adopt WhatsApp in marketing and now we can ensure your contest succeeds.