We are always working out innovative ideas and solutions for our customers and would welcome anyone who would like to work together with us. If you are a reseller and would like to host our services in your own brand image and company operation, then we would be more than happy to talk to you.

We can offer you support and back-end services to your business so that you can stay fully focused on your business while leveraging on the power of Whatsapp and SMS marketing to your customers. You can customize your own brand name and if you prefer, you can start your own SMS and Whatsapp marketing service business through us. Contact us and learn more about how you can earn more with our products and services and be a part of our Reseller programme package.

Be our Reseller and Earn Big from selling our products

This is where you could take on 2 major roles. First you could be part of our White Label Reseller who can customize your own products and services and then offer them to the market. This is where you will be able to brand your own products which offer a similar product as we do. Our rates are competitive and affordable where you can then mark up the profits accordingly.

Recruit Sub-resellers

Secondly, you could also take on the role of offering the products to sub-resellers. This is where you extend the services and products to other smaller businesses which would then rebrand the services before offering them to other sub-sub resellers in their markets. Hence, you will see that we offer a wide range of profit-generating and very lucrative services to help you as part of our programme.

What you get in being our mobile marketing reseller?

If you are part of our White Label Reseller programme, you will be accorded with a wide range of services which will surely be of great benefit and advantage to your business. We will offer you the facilities and services which will help you in selling bulk Whatsapp and SMS services to your customers.
As experts and major service providers in this area, we are more than equipped in experience and technology to help you become a major supplier in the market. We deliver our services very quickly and are reliable.

Completely White Label Platforms

You will be given access to your website which is completely white-label. You are free to derive your own pricing strategy which means that you can set your own price for your customers. All the relevant and related information and applications will be channelled to you where you can offer your customers with the appropriate API so that they can broadcast SMS or Whatsapp from their end.

We provide you with an easy to use and user friendly Whatsapp and SMS broadcasting interface which is online which means you will have access to our web portal at any time. Other services and features that we provide include personalisation of individual messages, reports and history log, scheduling and many more. We offer you a competitive package which comes with low per message fee as well as free dedicated hosting.