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Web Bulk SMS Marketing Platform for small and big businesses

We provide your business with a holistic solution to help you provide and deliver better and more efficient service to your customers in terms of SMS products. At SMS.com.my, we offer high quality real-time SMS notification and data access applications and the solutions for developing these strategies so that it could help you with reducing time-to-decision actions significantly.We are ready to cater to all your business needs and requirements where you will receive discounts if you order higher volumes. Our systems are ready to accept all types of payment modes that include Paypal, Cheque, Demand Draft, Online bank transfer, over-the-counter and ATM payments and others. Contact us for more payment options.

We have the best SMS Platform in the market, since 1998

Key Features of our Mobile Gateway

  • Our SMS System is 15 years old.

  • High speed blasting

  • SMS Personalization tool provided.

  • SMS Scheduling tool provided.

  • SMPP/HTTP API for your system integration purposes with Incoming SMS & Delivery report feature.

  • Minimum reload is only 1000 credits

Send Sms from any browser

You can send messages to a hundreds and thousands of mobile numbers across countries simultaneously. This can be easily done and it is not only limited to the mobile phone as you can now send the SMSes through your PC.

Our one-click broadcasting service

Our system is easy and convenient and you will also be able to import the list of numbers of recipients through your own address books and this could be from your csv or txt files.

For your convenience and needs, our system also caters to scheduling where you will be able to determine and decide when and to whom will the SMS be sent out to. Our system also provides Unicode support where you will be able to send (to a maximum of 70 characters each message) your SMSes in other languages like Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and others.

Real Time Reports

Report is also offered where you will be informed through our delivery notifications when the message is sent out. On top of that, we also offer you better management of your records where we provide you with an online address book that allows you to manage your recipients in groups and then manage them through the web.

We understand your needs to keep the cost down which is why we do not charge you any set up fees. You only need to pay for the credits that you purchased. We do not require any fixed monthly or periodical commitments and you can now pay as you use. We offer you an SMS solution which is low on cost, instant delivery of your messages to your customers, reaching a wide range of people in a short time (instant), efficiency and surely better communication with your customers, whether current or future.

Our services does not come with any subscription fee!

It is extremely easy for you to engage our services because you only need to register with us and then proceed to buy credits and start straight away, no monthly or yearly commitment fee!

Our SMS Gateway Features

  1. 100% delivery(Our system is 15 years old!)

We are the first and leading mobile marketing provider. You will be wasting a lot of time verifying smses sent from unreliable system.

  1. Powerful Delivery report.

Delivery report to inform you about whether your messages were successfully sent, failed, pending or others.

  1. Send Personalized SMS

Personalized messaging is an ideal option if you wish to create your own bulk text message using the same fields. This is most ideally used for messages which are sent as reminders for overdue payment, deadlines and others.

  1. Multilanguage (Chinese text, Arabic …)

Your text message can be written in multi-languages. This includes the common English alphabets while you can choose to write them in Chinese or Arabic characters as well to reach more customers in other languages.

  1. Send Long SMS (more than 150 characters)

You can now send Long text message in which you are no longer limited to the 160 characters per-message as used on mobile phones.

  1. Send MMS (Same rate as Send 1 Message)

Send richer content messages to your customers by using MMS. All you need to do is to upload the message from your computer and you can send to multiple recipients straightaway.

  1. Send Business Card

You can now send your personalized Business Card to more than 1 recipient at any time.

  1. Send Flash Message / Blinking SMS

Enjoy more content-rich options by sending Flash Message which are more captivating and engaging.

  1. SMS Reminder / Scheduler

Set a time and date in the future to send the message to your customers. You can set the time and date to your convenience or decide on a periodic schedule.

  1. Personal Phone book

Customized and personalize your own Phone book. Create your own groups like ‘My Clients’, ‘My Friends’ or any other names of your choice for better management of your messages.

  1. SMS Status Report and Campaign Report

Check the statistics of your campaigns through this option which allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

  1. Mobile Number Grabber

Use the option to ‘grab’ mobile phone numbers from your potential customers when they send an enquiry message to you.

  1. 2D Barcode Deliver Mobile Voucher (mVoucher) / Mobile Ticket (mTicket)

Mobile Voucher (mVoucher) and Mobile Ticket (mTicket) options can be used to engage more promotions with your customers.

  1. 3-Ways SMS (Auto reply + Biz Card + Reply to Person in charge)

Our 3-Way System can be used to engage your customers better. Determine a reserve word and when a sender sends the Reserve word to your number, they will receive an instant auto-reply and their message will be directed to the person in charge accordingly.

  1. Text2Speech – Convert text to voice, and send MMS to recipient

This option offers convenience where you can convert text to a voice file and subsequently attaching it into an MMS to be sent to your intended recipients.

Mobile Marketing Ideas

For all its advantages and benefits, the mobile messaging technology has reached companies and organisations with more learning of the knowledge and power of this sector. For the end users and consumers, the power of mobile has been unprecedented as there has not been a media which have been so widely adopted and used while becoming the main communication tool for many.

Apps are so handy

In fact, so strong is the mobile app features that it could now be used as one of the tools which can be used by corporations and companies who can leverage on its power and reach for better performance and efficiency as well as for communication. This is because in many cases, mobile phone bills for its employees are usually paid for by the company and hence it is cheaper and faster in many ways.

Corporate Mobile Communication

Mobile has become part and parcel of people’s lives. It has become so important that any mobile user would be easily accustomed to mobile messaging technology which is fast, convenient and easy to use. With this scenario, the Whatsapp messaging service could be extended into corporations where it could well replace the conventional marketing systems which were very important in corporations previously. The only drawback of mobile marketing is the length of the message as email systems usually allow for more space and larger attachments as those provided in the likes of Microsoft Outlook, Gmail.com and such.

One must consider that all the functions of an email system are almost provided for in mobile and hence, it could well be the ideal replacement in the near future. With statistics showing that 40% of users are away from their desk at any time, crucial information that need to be conveyed would be loss during this time. Hence, Whatsapp mobile messaging would be a better option in situations like these as most mobile users will carry their devices at all times.

Mobile Banking

With more SMS software being developed and rolled out daily, financial institutions like banks and such are extending their services into the mobile communication sector.

Hence, for companies and businesses, mobile banking using SMS would be one of the attractive options. Here is where companies could embark into affinity programmes where corporations could work with companies to provide differentiation and customization for its customers.

Mobile Commerce

Using the web to perform business transactions or E-Commerce is not a new industry anymore. In fact, companies who have taken up such strategies are facing stiff competition to provide more services and hence have extended into Mobile Commerce. By allowing mobile for purchases and the likes of SMS receipts and coupons, corporations can now embark onto more attractive methods of doing businesses as well as promoting information to its customers. This would offer them with better convenience, more choices as well as additional value added services.

Job information

Using the mobile messaging service to provide information and communicate to the employees is a very useful method. Even though using limited characters, corporations can now send messages that details the information of sales, service or any job dispatch data to the employees.

Such services would be highly beneficial for companies which are involved with logistics and delivery services like food delivery and courier facilities. Mobile messaging technology could also be further extended to offer GPS (Global Positioning System) facilities where one could track where a specific employee or package is at the moment for tracking purposes.

Remote Sales

The mobile messaging technology also could be extended onto the retail sector where it could be used for authorization of payment methods like credit card. It is in situations where authorization codes from banks could be channelled to during purchase. For instance, one could buy an item using the credit or debit card at a store and then receive an SMS that has a code for security purposes.