Introducing the new and cutting-edge WhatsApp Filter Software. Designed and developed with the user in mind, this software is all you need that will meet your mobile marketing needs.

Why this software?

When you have a marketing campaign planned out, you need the appropriate tools to help you coordinate all your efforts and activities. This is more important if your campaign involves using mobile platforms to reach your target audience. As WhatsApp is currently the leading messaging app in the market, you will need all the right and appropriate tools to help you get the best of what you want in this platform.

Main functions of the WhatsApp Filter Software

What makes the WhatsApp filter software so good is that it lets you to be in control. In other words, you will no longer face any of the hassle that will always delay your campaigns. You will have the best functions of filtering numbers for WhatsApp at your fingertips. Major functions of the software include:

  • You can now filter more numbers at any time. This software allows you to filter over 100,000 numbers each time. Start from the range and let it auto-generate after that.
  • Use the ‘Last Seen’ function to continue where you ended in your last session
  • Start from any number of your choice. This is specifically useful if you have a more customized campaign to work with. The AutoContinue can be used to sequentially continue the numbers from there.
  • Integrate other software into this platform. You can copy numbers from another application and then use it here. On the other hand, you can export the results after they have been generated and paste them into a clipboard.
  • Check out the status of your progress. This is live and real-time. You will then be updated on what is going on in percentage.
  • Designed to be very efficient, you can now generate more than 10,000 numbers within 5 minutes. No other platforms allow you that type of capability

Requirements for this software

There are minimum requirements that you need in order to use this application.

  1. Hardware – A standard web-enabled Windows installation personal computer or laptop to install the software
  2. One normal whatsapp user – Each license will only require 1 web whatsapp so that you can filter hundreds of thousands of numbers(no hash channel required)
  3. License – you need 1 single user license to activate the software.