The use of social media for marketing is unprecedentedly effective. This is what modern advertising is all about. While many are going about still trying to get their brand messages on television and radio, we have ventured into digital marketing long before. That puts us in the prime position to push your brand further up the competition and to have your messages known to your target audience.

Proven track record

Today, almost anyone who has some form of experience in social media marketing claims to be a digital marketer. NOT US! We let our records speak for themselves. Our clients who have used our social media marketing tools and strategies have nothing but GOOD WORDS for us. We have generated leads for them with a high percentage of conversion to sales numbers. We don’t claim to be digital marketing specialists but we are definitely your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PARTNER.
Why should you use our services, you might ask? Remember that we will not only help you succeed in Facebook marketing, we make sure you do. Below are the reasons why!

Get your target audience right!

The most significant reason why you should work with us is that we want you to be seen where your target audience is. Social media is the modern-day television. Users are checking Facebook several times per day. There is now more Facebook users than entire China’s population. We want to help you capture some of the 22 billion ad clicks recorded annually on Facebook. We will help you find your audience in this large Facebook world.

Affordable advertising rates

As a media, advertising on Facebook is cheaper and affordable. At some point, it is almost free of charge. The only challenge is, where and when should you advertise. You can literally post your ads on Facebook through a click of a button. Our expertise and experience tell us that you need to have the know-how on what message to send out and who to send it out to which will ensure that your ads are effective. This is where we come in. We don’t want you to waste your marketing dollars. For every RM1 spent on FB ads, we will help you capture as many leads as possible.

Media rich advertising

There is nothing more effective than visuals in advertising. More than 90% of ads shown on Facebook are images and videos. This is used not only to capture your audience’s attention but to get to the right audience as well. We have a team of professional video editors who have created short films for our clients. This is cultivated through years of experience where we know what types of videos are effective and who likes to view them. In fact, we have data to show that some of our videos have reached record highs.

Demographic data and targeting

We are not only concerned with demographics like age and gender here. When we help you with your campaign, we ensure that you cover all areas. We will help you in determining the behavior of your customers (and target), their interests, connections with all types of disciplines, languages spoken and written, locations and such. In other words, your ad could potentially reach just about anyone you can imagine, be it the Prime Minister of Malaysia or the President of Singapore.

Drive your campaign home

95% of visitors to a web site (or your FB page) would not remember you once they leave. Our marketing strategy involves re-marketing which is often overlooked by many agencies. What we do is to drive your campaign home by pushing your visitors back to your site after they have left. Once they are on your site, their particulars are captured and then we will help you to re-educate them so that they do not forget you. In fact, we use all avenues possible to drive them back to you through FB ads.

Generate Leads

This is by far one of the most important facets of FB advertising. We will help you do the following:

  • Identify your ideal customer. This is where we will simulate various programs and strategies that help you find out who your potential and ideal customers are. This includes their behavior, interests and demographics
  • Reach them. We will then help you reach your customers by identifying the location that they are in. We will blast your ads to them and then capture the leads accordingly.
  • Conversion. While we do not convert the leads, we will be kept in the loop on the conversion rates from your end.
  • Using the current set of customer profile, we will then re-market to those who were not converted. Meanwhile, we will duplicate the same customer profile in another location to generate new leads

What does it all mean?

Ultimately, what we bring to the table is not only a marketing campaign but one which can be effectively adopted and launched. We customize your campaign based on your products and services. We understand what your brand identity entails and build the messaging around it. We use what we have learned in the past, enhances it, communicate to you and after agreeing with you, we will launch it together with you. It is your success in Facebook advertising that we are targeting and we are sure we can help you get there!