In Malaysia, online multiplayer gaming is one of the in – things most teenagers are discussing about now, many thanks to the rapid development of a faster internet connection – broadband. Some of the frequently favored online multiplayer games include titles such as Ragnarok Online (R.O.), World of Warcraft and as well as Dragon Raja.


About Dragon Raja

For Dragon Raja, it is widely known and accepted as an online RPG (Role Playing Game) game which holds certain resemblances to earlier game titles such as Diablo and Final Fantasy. Firstly, Dragon Raja is 3D based third person RPG where within the game, gamers will soon find themselves being immersed in a world of MUD where for MUD or Multi User Dungeon, it means that all of the players who are connected to the same server will be interacting with each other within the same world. This unique feature is one of the backbone cores for almost all of the online multiplayer games we see today. As for the storyline of Dragon Raja, the settings of the game features three nations in the middle of a war and like many other similar storylines, heroes and villains are raised during the clashes of the three giant nations. Similar to many other RPG we see today, Dragon Raja is played based on the system of level – up where a newcomer in the world will find himself starting up at the lower ranks and from there, he will need to engage in different battles or quests in order to proceed to a higher level where the characters within the game will be more powerful and respected.

Playing Dragon Raja

For starters, a user can select from five different classes of characters where these characters include warrior, wizard, priest, thief and as well as archer. After selecting the desired character, the user will then need to pick the nation he wishes to ally with, together with a specific job skill (such as mining, tailoring, alchemy and others). Besides duking it out in the midst of a battle field, users can also choose to play as a merchant where in game money known as Crit can be earned. Aside from that, Dragon Raja also features many other unique gaming features such as the ability to post advertisement for items in sale, dragon hall (a place to acquire rare and unique items), fully customizing the appearance of a game character and as well as a bounty system where players can choose to put a bounty on another player’s head. Aside from that, what makes Dragon Raja and many other online multiplayer games addictive is that, players within Dragon Raja can choose to form or join guilds with other players from all around the world. This certainly provides a chance for people around the globe to interact and have some fun with each other.

In short, there are many other unique traits about Dragon Raja and a mere short written article is surely incapable of summarizing all these wonderful features of the game. In order to experience all these wonderful features of Dragon Raja, it is always best to download a fresh copy of this game and try it out for yourself.