GT Mobile Pte Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and servicing of mobile phones.

Aligned with their ongoing commitment to technological innovation and advancement, their R&D and design teams is comprised of very experienced and diverse staff, and their manufacturing facilities are the latest and most advanced in the market. Despite being newcomers in the mobile phone market, some of GTMobile’s mobile phone models are already in high demand across SE Asia, among businesses and individuals.

As of now, GT Mobile has forged more than 50 partnerships globally with suppliers, distributors and businesses. In line with their vision of delivering excellent after-sales service, they have a team a experienced and well-trained staff offering, 24/7, comprehensive set of after-sales Singapore Whatsapp Business marketing services and solutions across countries.

As the first Singapore-based smartphone brand, GT Mobile has a vision to contribute to bringing Singapore closer to its vision of the smart city and promote cashless and convenience platforms for businesses and individuals around the globe.


Sleek and sophisticated designs with that mesmerise your senses.
Featured with powerful multicore processors, access to the latest apps through Android™.


Smartee is a wearable phone and locator for 4-15 years-old children.
Paired with companion mobile phone apps, it’s not only a kid-tracker, but also a parent-child communication device. 

Store located in 10 Kallang Avenue #13-18, Aperia Singapore 339510 Whatsapp us 6596162770

Rednano Mobile Search

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Step 1: Type in company or brand name e.g. Whatsapp
Step 2: SMS to 33333 to receive list of locations available
Step 3: SMS your preferred option to 33333 to receive full directory result.

Rednano Mobile App 

Use Rednano Mobile App on your mobile phone & enjoy free data and content:
 Directory – Singapore’s first location-based directory and search service. Find places to wine, dine, shop and relax nearest to you.
 Traffic Information

Rednano Search Engine

In creating a search and directory service, with Singapore as its core and relevance as its hallmark, Rednano Search found that the obvious name for the service had to incorporate elements of the republics identity and the precision of its search results.

From this came the name Rednano. This builds on the pride Singapore has in being referred to as the little red dot, the colour of its flag, and the fact that a nano is the prefix for an extremely small entity in the international system of units–factor of 10.

Rednano seeks to delve into the morass of information on the World Wide Web and pluck from it the nuggets you seek, no matter how small and deeply buried they are, rather than overwhelm you with multiple links which you have to sift through tediously.

Red is the colour of blood cells, which carry life-giving oxygen round the body. And Rednano aims to rejuvenate people and companies fatigued by disappointment with other search and directory services. Users looking for things to do with the republic, and businesses eager to reach out to them, will find red carpet treatment from Rednano.

Nanotechnology is an exciting new field which will play an increasingly important role in our lives–helping us overcome current hurdles, boost our productivity and enrich our existence. Rednano indicates our desire to achieve the same objectives, through the speedy delivery of information on Singapore that is accurate, relevant and timely.

Combined, the words red and nano describes a search and directory service that is unique and whose time has come.

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