Passion for Mobile Technology:

MoBif always provide leading-edge innovations to people and businesses, particularly in the discipline through interoperability in telecommunications.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is of utmost importance to MoBif, continue to refine our quality management process to ensure customers receive quality solutions at a very affordable price.


Thrive for excellence and look forward to challenges. MoBif strives to achieve its vision through people empowerment, effective execution and innovativeness.

Long-term Relationships at All Levels:

We believe in growing together with customers, business partners, shareholders and stakeholders alike; understanding their worth as a key factor to our continued success.

R&D & technology driven with strong commitment on Quality Assurance to ensure Customers Satisfaction and Excel in Global Challenges.

Strategically based in the business hub of Singapore and Malaysia, Malaysia, MoBif was conceptualized to promote the use of advanced mobile marketing software technology to facilitate and enhance the process of communication, enabling people to connect with each other across the barrier of space and time.

Since its inception on 3 December 1999, wholly-Malaysian owned MoBif’s success story has been remarkable. Starting from scratch and virtually unknown then, MoBif has progressed into an internationally-acclaimed telecommunications company in the Asia Pacific region. We were accorded MSC status and  strong business performance.

Initially the principal activities of the Company are specializing in Internet Based Surveillance Systems, Vision Automation Systems and other information technology services such as systems integration, support services and training. MoBif moved into the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) market in 2004 to capitalize on customer demand. MoBif’s VoIP which runs on SIP (Sessions Initiations Protocol), provides true convergence as its products and solutions covers both the traditional and PC telephony space.

Within a short span of time, MoBif has won the trust of its customers and today, our brand name has become synonymous with quality technology that is effective in connecting people.

Proven Track Records

Business Performance

– Listed in Mesdaq after 4 years of operations.

Sales Revenue

– According to DELOITTE standard, MoBif Berhad achieved exponential growth vis-a-vis the previous 3 years performance.

International Recognition

– DELOITTE Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific Award in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 as the best, innovative and fast growing technology
company amongst the top 500 companies in Asia Pacific.
– Ranked top 79 in 2004 Deloitte Award and top 66 in 2005 Deloitte Award.

VtalkVoip TA-200

High quality voice communication Easy Installation
Compatible with any standard telephone
TA-200 is an innovative and sophisticated access device that enables a user to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications and services.


MoBif provides and installs reliable wireless or wired surveillance solutions that enable our clients to have 24-hrs surveillance on their premises locally or remotely. Our range of Surveillance: MoBif Pro, MoBif Quad, MoBif DVR, MoBif 16-Cam, MoBif Smart, MoBif Pocket PC Viewer, MoBif DVS 2000.

MoBif i-Web

MoBif i-Web is website D.I.Y toolkit. Promote your idea. Reach a variety of markets worldwide to build up your business.
7 step point and click wizard that includes design and layout templates, page structure, sample text, and a powerful WYSIWYG editor for non-technical.

VoIP Server

VoIP Server is an ideal solution and is seamlessly integrated into MoBif VoIP solutions to implement a wide variety  of business models.
MoBif having a reliable VoIP server that works quickly and efficiently and without any hassles for you.

VSoft Phone

Simple to use internet telephone system.
Turns your PC into telephone.
Utilises Broadband internet connection.
Vsoft 5 is a next generation telephony client designed to enhance the user’s communications experience in Voice over IP.
It uses the latest technology to let you make calls all over the world.

Leadership. Instilling team spirit to achieve goals and accomplishments together as one.