Mymode Mobile Marketing is the new emergence of new-age mobile communications in Malaysia and Singapore. We are a dynamic corporation that provides state-of-the-art mobile marketing solutions to improve the efficiency of Whatsapp mobile marketing in Singapore. We pride ourselves in providing essential solutions via consultancy, application and product and software development across the wide spectrum of markets which includes telecommunications, entertainment, education, travel, retail and virtual gaming.

Mymode has been named the winner of the 4th Singapore and Malaysia e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award.

The prestigious award was presented to us by Minister of Energy, Water and Communications Malaysia, Deputy Minister of International Trade Industry Malaysia. It was presented to us based on the achievements and recognitions received by our household brand in Malaysia and Singapore, MyMode. MyMode provides the means for its members to gain access to the multiple mobile contents including mobile shopping, mobile topup, mobile entertainment and mobile loyalty. Commenced on January 2004, MyMode in its infancy had already established a huge number of followers in Malaysia and Singapore. Currently, MyMode has more than 100,000 topup Agents under its wing.

Malaysia’s Mobile Marketing Craze

Keeping in touch via SMS and mobile app is the current trend here in Malaysia. This is especially true for young people who simply love to keep up with the latest trends. In the statistics shown below, we can see that there is an obvious increase in total mobile messages sent over the years.

What Lies Ahead with Mobile Topup

Looking back over the past decade, there is no doubt that the mobile marketing & communications scene has changed tremendously. It is evolving and thus, competition among service providers is expected to remain intense. There will be more potential to have the latest value-added and innovative mobile devices in the near future.

The New Buzz with Mobile Marketing

It’s out in the open. The world is in pursuit of the most convenient and fastest communication device. Eye-catching advertisements everywhere portray the trendiest, smartest and most hi-tech mobile phones. This is not surprising considering the increase in the rate of mobile phone subscribers. Global sales of cell phones is forecasted to reach nearly 800 million this year. It is also estimated that 2.6 billion mobile phones will be in use by the end of 2009.
(Source: Gartner Inc.)

Malaysia’s Mobile Industry

In spite of the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the demand for mobile phones in Malaysia has been experiencing an upward trend, reports the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. The report also states that there was increase in Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers in between the six-year period of 1998 and 2004. The increase was 12.3 million or an average of 2.1 million Prepaid subscribers per year.
Malaysia’s mobile market currently has three key companies. They are Maxis, Celcom and Digi.

Source: MCMC
Subscribers have the option of choosing either a prepaid or a postpaid plan to accommodate their individual needs.

Business Concept

The simple fact that every six out of 10 Malaysian consumers have their mobile phones with them throughout the day shows that there is an effective way of reaching them. MyMode is a classic example of a business concept that extends its promotion of purchasing goods, mobile contests and advertisements over the mobile channel. Therefore, MyMode helps consumers make decisions on what to buy and where to buy, be it at work or at home. 

MyMode’s Objective

MyMode presents the prospect of a hassle-free and convenient shopping atmosphere. Now, there’s no need to wait at long queues or stay on hold at 1-800 numbers. You don’t even need to go online anymore.
With MyMode, you can now purchase reload cards for your mobile phones by simply sending an SMS. Top-up cards for Maxis and Celcom are available at the palm of your hand. Added to that, you can purchase Internet reload cards, IDD/STD cards, ring tones and logos at any time and place convenient to you. If you think that’s impressive, there’s more! Fantastic rewards await you every time you purchase any of these products.