Have you been using and trying many forms of messaging apps only to come up short because it has become too competitive? Are you looking for a new (or more effective) way to reach your customers on mobile platforms?

One Messaging App for Everyone

Do you know that while there are so many messaging apps out there like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line and such, not all of them can be used by everyone? One of the latest buzz these days would be the use of the Telegram App which, while it is similar to the others, is known to be more focused and can be used on almost every platform whether it is iOS, Android, Windows Phone, macOS and even Linux and Windows NT. To be clear, not every app can make such a statement! To date, it has already recorded up to 200 million active users each month.

Secured Messaging

One major difference between Telegram and say WhatsApp is that the messages sent and received on Telegram are encrypted and stored using their own servers. Communication between client and server meanwhile are encrypted as well.

In end-to-end encrypted chats, Telegram adopts this between 2 parties and currently not available on groups or channels (highlight of the app). Although this has been criticized by industry experts and security standards, Telegram has its own reasoning behind it.

Telegram for marketing

Like other messaging apps, Telegram can be effectively deployed in your marketing campaign which can help enhance your content promotion activities. One thing to note, Telegram does not rely on quantity (Likes on Facebook) in terms of content distribution. The highlight of using Telegram is that it uses Channels that allow your business to stay constantly in touch with your followers (and customers).

Less usage of device power

Another highlight of using Telegram is that it is a cloud-based app. In other words, all the shared content is stored in the cloud which means that the device performance does not interfere. When your device only stores the app (and very minimal content), there should be no issue in the performance of both the hardware and software.

What makes this such an interesting feature is that using Channels in Telegram means that there will be a high volume of content being distributed and accessed at any time and as such, it can drain device memory and performance if it is not cloud-based.

Using Channels for your marketing

There is no dispute that messaging apps are now the order of the day when it comes to customer marketing. In fact, social networks have fallen behind in terms of user-base as compared to messaging apps.

It must also be noted that users are very prone to novelties and new apps that work for them. As such, Telegram is capitalizing on this where it is the newest player in the market. Although the messaging sector is already quite crowded, it is in the non-clustered behavior or Telegram which saw its rise to popularity. Furthermore, its content distribution and management are considered to be a lot more efficient than others.

The Channels used by Telegram is one function which puts it ahead of the others for sure. How it works really is that Telegram is very much like a business page on Facebook. This is where the business (or user) could share content and information to its followers (customers and potential customers).

And it gets better! The Channel function is naturally an instant messaging one and its free of charge, no matter how much you share. Every channel has its own link (public or private) which allows anyone to join through a link provided. You can then monitor the number of viewers within that channel.

Difference between public and private channels in Telegram

When you make your channel available for the public, anyone can join. This is totally different from private channels where the administrator can select who can or cannot join. Users who have been invited to join the channel can in return decide to either accept or decline the invite. This is most popular for channels with topics and issues that need confidentiality or sensitive.

As such, Channels in Telegram would be ideal if you are using it to promote your business or corporate identity. It can also be used to promote your product, service or a promotional campaign you are setting out to launch. In any account, you are able to create a maximum of 8 channels.

As such, it is important to give the channel name one which is easy to remember and catchy yet describes what it is about. Take note that different platforms use different ways of creating a channel.

  • iOS – the Burger icon allows you to create Channels
  • Android – Uses the Pencil icon
  • Desktop version – ‘New Channel’ and ‘Create New Channel’ function

Telegram Bots

You can also use a Telegram bot which is an automated agent that will help you save on manpower cost. In fact, various web-based duties can be done and carried out by the bots. However, there is a need for some technical knowledge if you are to design a bot that can help you with certain duties. What you should do really is to make use of the telegram bot which can be a 24/7 online support with automated replies.

How can we help?

As experts in the digital marketing sector, our experience and expertise is second to none. We have pioneered some of the most effective marketing strategies which will elevate your campaign to a much higher level than you can imagine. Among what we can offer to include:

  • Broadcast your messages – We can help your message reach all Telegram users using a single-click function
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There has been an increase of more than 50% Telegram users in 2019 alone and this trend is expected to grow faster in the coming months. Using an interface which is more easy and less cluttered (like WhatsApp), let your company’s offerings shine and elevate your campaign to a lot more people in your market than previously possible. This will by far be the best marketing investment in recent years, better than every other platform you have used.