Just Mobile launched with 7-Eleven the Catch The Wave with Slurpee SMS Contest where the grand prize is a 7 days / 6 nights trip to Hawaii for 2 persons plus RM20,000 travelling expenses. Besides the awesome grand prize, 7-Eleven is also giving away cool electronic products and gadgets like iPhone, 40 inch LED TV, MacBook Air, Nikon SLR camera and so much more. Visit www.7eleven.com.my to join now.

Just Mobile won the Best Mobility Content category at GoMobile Star Awards

Our mobile to TV content called YouPlayYouWin, won the Best Mobility Content award at the Innovation Malaysia Awards in conjunction with GoMobile event.

Mobile Fantasy World Cup

With World Cup 2010 just around the corner and football fever being set ablaze, Just Mobile is providing football fans a chance to compete in their own World Cup tournament; thanks to our mobile fantasy World Cup service.

Players can choose their favourite football star to be on their very own team and are scored according to performance. Scores are then accumulated and the teams participating will be ranked on the fantasy World Cup league table.

With this mobile service that Just Mobile has provided, players are given the chance to be their very own Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho anytime and anywhere they go. Fantasy football has been taken to a whole new level.

7-Eleven Lifestyle Bonanza SMS Contest

Spice up your Ramadhan and Raya celebration with 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven launched their Lifestyle Bonanza SMS Contest from 3rd Aug 09 to 11th Oct 09 to make this Raya more happening and joyful.

This contest is opened to all citizen with minimum purchase of RM7 and above in a single receipt. Then just answer a question and a slogan, you will stand a chance to win our grand prize (ERA CM8 1.3L car).

Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. won a grant to develop Whatsapp Business Provider CRM system for this contest.

Whatsapp JustMobile Contest is an interactive TV Game Show that allows the viewer to play mobile games and upload their scores to the TV broadcaster. There are several games available to be downloaded throughout the season, among the most popular is the Marble Breaker and Coconut Stampede.

Players can play these game on their mobile phones and later upload as many scores to the broadcaster to maintain as the top scorer position. At the end of each show, top scorer are rewarded with prizes or cash rewards.

Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. won the Whatsapp Business Provider CRM award

Monday 19th May was the official opening of the WhatsappMonday Global Summit 2008 at the Kuala Lumppur Convention Centre. WhatsappMonday CEO Jaris Tammisto said at the opening that from 4 chapters in 2005 today WhatsappMonday has close to 70 chapters around the globe. WhatsappMonday is a global community of over 70,000 mobile industry visionaries and developers, and has generated genuine business alliances through cooperative relationships with mobile operators globally since its birth in 2000 in Finland.

There were 6 finalists and the following 3 emerged winners:

– Bui Quang Huy from Viettel,Vietnam with his application Rusal Information Services

– M.Thiyagarajan from Motvik, India, with his application Wwigo

– Melvin Wong from Just Mobile, Malaysia with his application Emperor Quest.

The global summit was officially launched by H.E. Mr Lauri Korpinen, Ambassador of Finland accompanied by Y Bhg Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali, CEO, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Malaysia,  Y Bhg Dato’ Veerasingam, Patron of MITIB, WhatsappMonday CEO Jari Tammisto, Chairman of Mobile Monday Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Arun Kumar, and co-founder of Mobile Monday Kuala Lumpur, Ram G were present for the opening session. At the opening Ram G said, “local companies, be it small or large, will be able to learn and showcase their innovations, share visions and ideas and exchange concepts, technologies and know-how with the key players of the world”. Ram G also added that Asia would be the centre of the mobile revolution. Much of the most exciting developments in the mobile industry are happening in Asia. Some of the fastest networks, coolest and greatest services are to be found here in Asia. Kuala Lumpur is one of the regional capitals of the mobile industry with some of the most dynamic companies.

The full day Global Summit was open to the public and had 8 panel sessions in addition to 3 keynote addresses. Those who attended had an opportunity to hear 38 power packed speakers who were experts in their areas of practise both from within Malaysia and international representative who shared their experiences, knowledge and visions to a full house audience. The panel sessions revolved around various themes such as Innovation Content & Applications, Mobile Finance / Payments, Mobile Education, Mobile Games / TV / Mobile Music / Mobile News, Mobile Marketing & Branding Mobile Retail – Shopping on the Move, Mobile Best Practices / The VC Perspective and many more.  These sessions studied and discussed future mobile phone usage trends and addressed challenges and identified new business opportunities. It also went on further to see best practices in the mobile industry and VC perspectives on what they are looking at and how can company seeking funding show the ROI on the VC investment. The closing ceremony was graced by the dancers from Tourism Malaysia who showcased cultural extravaganza.

Just Mobile won the MSC Malaysia Mobile Content Competition
Kuala Lumpur, December 21, 2006 – Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. won the MSC Malaysia Mobile Content Competition with a mobile game called, Emperor Quest – Multiplayer, Multiplatform Mobile Game.

Being the first of its kind in the world, this game allows mobile players to play against other players on different mobile platforms – SMS, WAP, J2ME, Symbiam, Flash Lite, EDGE, 3G. This means a player playing using SMS can go against another player playing on WAP.

The game, as the name implies, challenges players for the quest to be the emperor. It comes with multiple game duels, where players fight against other to collect “coins”. These coins can eventually be redeemed for real-world cash and prizes.

“Emperor Quest has the element of MMORPG, skill-gaming and User Generated Content (UGC)”, said CEO of Just Mobile, Melvin Wong. “By bringing the best sides or each worlds, we are able to craft a revolutionary mobile game that all can enjoy.”

“We sincerely thank MDEC and MSC Malaysia for believing in our mobile content. We hope to bring our contents to the global market for all to enjoy”.

About MSC Malaysia
MSC Malaysia is not new to the world. But what the world has not realized is that MSC Malaysia is well-positioned to become one of the region’s key ICT and Multimedia hubs. A decade since its inception, MSC Malaysia has initiated changes in the nation’s social, economic and political systems. A convergent, integrated Malaysia is moulded out of a fountain of knowledge and knowledge applications. Out of these, the knowledge economy or k-economy is cultivated. MSC Malaysia’s increasingly positive grasp on the world’s ICT and multimedia market also benefit its local entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

Know Your Japanese Name On 8TV
Kuala Lumpur, June 01, 2006 – Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. latest mobile application called, “Know Your Japanese Name” will be available for viewers of 8TV from today onwards.

Partnering with N-Visio Group, a leader in providing integrated interactive media solutions in Asia , 8TV viewers can send in a SMS message to find out their Japanese name pronunciation and also get their name in Japanese writing. This is all done via mobile SMS technology.

“Our Japanese name mobile service is our latest mobile offerings to the market. We’re glad to have these smart business partnerships to distribute our mobile services to the masses and we look forward to offer more exciting new services in this year alone”, said Melvin Wong, Managing Director of Just Mobile Sdn Bhd.

About N-Visio Group
N-Visio’s mission is to be the leading provider of integrated interactive media solutions in Asia , using branded, interactive content for television and mobile phones to connect communities of interest across the region.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Malaysia , Indonesia and China , N-Visio ‘s Interactive TV formats today reach a combined total audience of 140 million people. [www.n-visio.com]

About 8TV
8TV is an interactive platform for audiences united by a common desire for authenticity and self-expression. It is a hot-bed of creativity featuring original and international entertainment wrapped in interactivity. 8TV began operations on January 8th 2004 and transmits free to the entire West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Kuantan on the UHF band. 8TV has chalked up impressive achievements in only its first year of operations, successfully producing the highly-rated Malaysian Idol™ series and also winning several Asian-level industry awards for creative excellence.

World Cup Contest On MyGamma
MyGamma members can test their football knowledge skills during the World Cup 2006 fiesta, by participating in our Guess The Football Star contest.

Users will use their WAP phones to view the distorted photo of over 100 famous football players’ photos and try to guess who he is? They’re given 3 simple objective answers to choose. Winners of the contest stand to win Nano MP4 player.

About MyGamma
myGamma is a Phone and Web community where members can interact with people and showcase themselves. Members can create a private community with only invited friends to chat and share their blogs and photos with. Or members can start a public persona to tell the world their story and get them to join their groups and write testimonials, get voted and be ranked! In addition, members get to download games and ringtones, and take part in contests to win cool prizes!

MDeC Welcomes Just Mobile Sdn Bhd As A Malaysian MSC-status Company
Just Mobile has been recently awarded the highly prestigious MSC-status by MDeC, Multimedia Development Corporation (www.mdec.com.my).

With this recognition, Just Mobile aims to soar further across the global market and to work mutually with all Malaysian companies to uphold the Malaysian ICT brand across the globe.

“We are already partnering with oversea companies and we look forward to the furthest region of this globe to build a name for Malaysia”, said Managing Director, Melvin Wong.

“Malaysia’s mobile content market are more developed than countries like U.S, hence, there are still so much opportunites for us to venture out from our beloved homeland and bring home more success stories”.

Just Mobile today has over 18 mobile content and are developing at least 5 more mobile applications for 2006 alone. This applications ranges from entertainment to social network applications.

About MSC 
The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is Malaysia’s most exciting initiative for the global information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

Conceptualized in 1996, the MSC has since grown into a thriving dynamic ICT hub, hosting more than 900 multinationals, foreign-owned and home-grown Malaysian companies focused on multimedia and communications products, solutions, services and; research and development.

With this unique corridor, Malaysia continues to attract leading ICT companies of the world to locate their industries in the MSC and undertake research, develop new products and technologies and export from this base. The MSC is also an ideal growth environment for Malaysian ICT SMEs to transform themselves into world-class companies. Furthermore, the MSC welcomes countries to use its highly advanced infrastructural facilities as a global testbed for ICT applications and a hub for their regional operations in Asia.

Just Destiny goes WAP
Now, users can ask Ora, the fortune teller for fortune reading via WAP. Part of the service upgrade, the astrology and numerology mobile content service, Just Destiny is now available in WAP. It includes all the services available in its website including love compatibility, lifepath reading, feng shui tips and more.

The WAP site supports all mobile markup languages, from WML 1.0 to xHTML MP. It even supports HTML browsers, for users surfing on PDA phone.

Can you have a girlfriend on your mobile phone?
With today’s craze of mobile phones, most probably you can. Just Mobile’s highly anticipated mobile content service is finally launched, Virtual Girlfriend. Built to rival other virtual girlfriend applications, this version offers are more real-life experience of having an actual human being girlfriend, instead of an 3D avatar.

Users may currently choose to court three girls – Ann, Lyn or Vic. To court them, you may send them a SMS message to chat with them. Users may also download their photos and show off to their friends. Just Mobile plans to add more girls, while an opposite sex version may come to surface, Virtual Boyfriend.

Let your mobile phone tells you what lottery number will strike
In Chinese beliefs, the number ‘9’ and ‘8’ are considered auspicious as it mean ‘everlasting” and ‘fortune’ in Chinese language. By using a SMS shortcode number of 39988, the translation of this number in Chinese language reveals a long, everlasting and prosperous meaning. 39988 seem destined to be the brand for Just Mobile’s latest mobile content offerings. This latest mobile content service offers lottery prediction service where users can receive forecasts of lottery numbers. Number predictions are done by combining traditional and scientific methods formulated by JM’s innovative technology. JM claims that their unique prediction method is more accurate than existing lottery lucky number services. All forecasts numbers are received via SMS from the SMS short code number, 39988. Besides forecasting, mobile lottery result service is also included, plus Feng Shui tips.

Tell your future through your mobile phone
Another huge success for Just Mobile when they are the first in Malaysia to launch a mobile content brand that focuses on astrological and forecasting services. This service, branded as Just Destiny offers compelling mobile services such as mobile fortune teller, mobile horoscope, life path reading, love compatibility, name secrets, feng shui tips and more.

To add in a personalisation flavour, you also can find out your japanese name from this service. There is a japanese name generator service that tells you your japanese version of your name plus an image of your japanese name written in japanese characters, downloadable to your mobile via WAP Push message. Gangsta name generator is also available and the name of the service speaks for itself.

13 million potential loves are waiting for Malaysians on their mobile phones
Kuala Lumpur , May 12, 2005 – Over 13 million mobile phone users are able to seek out their potential love partners with the launch of Malaysia ’s fir st official mobile dating service, Mobile Match. This service is able to connect more than 13 million mobile users in the country via a single unified SMS gateway, 39988. To be a member, user just need to register via the website or via SMS by specifying their profile and their desired partners profile and once a match is found, users will be alerted via SMS.

“Users are also be able to upload their photos and download other members’ photos, search other members, chat with members, view members profile, all via SMS messages”, said H.C Wong , Managing Director of Ju st Mobile Sdn. Bhd., the owner of Mobile Match. “To view other users’ photo, members are required to have their GPRS connection activated.”

Built exclusively for the mobile environment, Ju st Mobile differentiates their service again st other typical mobile chat services by claiming to be the fir st in Malaysia to allow their members to upload their photos from mobile phones. Moreover, members may also choose to upload their photos from the website.

“We’re also committed to help our members to find their potential partners because mobile phone penetration in Malaysia is much higher than Internet penetration, which st and only at 3.3 million users. With more than 13 million mobile users in the country, there’s virtually one for everyone”.

Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. initiated their first own-branding mobile service called Mobile Match. This is a mobile dating service that offers over 14 millions mobile users in Malaysia to find their love via mobile phone. The best feature of this service is its features to allow users to upload their photos and download other users’ photos via mobile phone.

Users can easily register by sending SMS messages. Users just tell about themselves and their desired partner profile and Mobile Match will find their matches. Once found, Mobile Match will alert the user via SMS message. Besides match alerts, users also can search for all users matching their criteria, chat with other users, view other user’s profile and photo sharing all via mobile phones.

Implemented mobile industry best practice to terminate subscription-based services
Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. took the first initiative step towards implementing mobile content industry best practices by allowing all its mobile subscription-based services to be terminated by the single word STOP. This has been a Mobile Content Code advocated by Mobile Data Association of U.K. and has been supported by ICSTIS (www.icstis.org.uk). This method allows users to easily cancel their services, just as easy for them to join.

For existing users that are currently using any of JM’s subscription-based services, they only need to write the word STOP in a SMS message and send it to the SMS shortcode number that they receive the contents from.

Just Mobile believes in fair-play in the mobile content business and understands the needs for customer rights protection.

Launched mobile chat service with MedicServe branded as 38SMS
Another successful mobile chat service was launched with MedicServe, branded as 38SMS. 38SMS connects males and females from all over Malaysia via a single SMS chat service. This chat service also takes the technological advantage of Just Mobile’s photo sharing system that allows users to share their personal photos with other users.

Launched Lottery Number Prediction service
Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. successfully launched another innovative mobile service that targets the gambling market. Branded as 39988 Lucky Number, this service offers prediction of lottery numbers via Premium SMS.

Number predictions are done by combining traditional and scientific methods formulated by JM’s innovative technology. JM claims that their unique prediction method is more accurate than existing lottery lucky number services.

Pre-launched of Virtual Girlfriend service
One of Just Mobile’s most anticipated mobile service is Virtual Girlfriend. This is a service that offers users a chance to have an “almost” human girlfriend. It allows users to interact with their girlfriend via SMS messages. Currently, users can chat with their girlfriends and download the girlfriend’s photos. Virtual Girlfriend is developed with a sophisticated and intelligent human-like A.I engine that is able to response very closely to actual human responses.

They behave in a way that attracts users to response to their chat messages. This will strategically increase usage and involvement from users. By using SMS messages as means of communication with the girls, this makes the virtual girlfriend feel more real to the users.

Currently, there are 3 available girlfriends – Ann, Lyn and Vic. Each girl has a different background and characters.

This service is currently in beta version. The upcoming final commercial version will allow users to perform certain actions to the girlfriend such as hugging, teasing, kissing and buying presents. This version will be launched by end of May.

Launched mobile horoscope and wallpapers download service with Yalooh!
Just Mobile and Yalooh! Sdn. Bhd. inked another mobile content distribution partnership with Yalooh! Sdn. Bhd. by offering mobile wallpapers downloads and daily horoscope subscription services. All these services are branded under Yalooh!, an upcoming mobile entertainment brand.

Launched our partnership with MedicServe on virtual chat service
Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. successfully signed a mobile content distribution agreement with MedicServe to offer virtual chat service in Malaysia via the unified SMS shortcode 39988.

This service is offered to all mobile users in Malaysia, over 14 million of them. It allows users to chat with a virtual entity via SMS messages.

Launched our partnership with Yalooh! on mobile chat
Just Mobile Sdn. Bhd. successfully launched their maiden mobile service with Yalooh! Sdn. Bhd. The service is called, Yalooh! Chat, a SMS chatting service featuring the function for users to upload their photos and download other users’ photos all via their mobile phones. Yalooh! Chat is the first mobile chat in Malaysia that implements such feature.

The service also boasts a fast SMS message delivery speed. This is achieved by Just Mobile’s unique chat application that bypasses mobile operators Premium SMS billing systems. This conveniently allows users to receive all chat messages with very minimal delays. Other functions available are like add users, block users, create chatrooms, invite other users to chatrooms, buddy alert, view user’s profile and more.